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Who is IKSA

Who is IKSA

IKSA is a Turkish manufacturing company operating in construction chemicals, pre-mixed mortars and concrete additives sector for 43 years. It has been founded in 1978. The power of IKSA stems from its innovative and quality products, its highly specialized technical personnel and the value-added services provided to its clients.

The company produces and provides its customers (construction companies, ready-mix concrete producers, distributors etc.) with construction chemicals and mortars for different kinds of construction applications. Products of IKSA are being used in dam, highway, tunnel, mining, railway projects and all kinds of construction structures both in Turkey and abroad. Some of our related products can be basically classified as follows:

CONCRETE & MORTAR ADMIXTURES – plasticizers, superplasticizers new generation super plasticizers, air entrainers, retarders, antifreeze agents, quick setting agents, underwater concreting admixtures, waterproofing admixtures concrete.
SHOTCRETE ACCELERATORS – alkali or alkali free based wet and dry mix shotcrete additives

AUXILIARY PRODUCTS – surface curing agents, form release agents

CEMENT GRINDING AGENTS – grinding aids, Cr+6 reducers.

CHEMICALS FOR TBM APPLICATIONS – polymers for soil stabilization, foams for soil conditioning
CHEMICALS FOR ASPHALT – Antistriping Agents,

IKSA is dedicated to offer products of excellent quality with high added-value services in order to reach total customer satisfaction. The company has well equipped R&D, chemical and concrete laboratories for developing novel products following the latest technological developments in the construction sector. “Tailor-made” products are also available with respect to the client’s needs and “in situ” conditions. Moreover, before the products are introduced into the market, the quality of these products is monitored by the Quality Control department.

Besides producing and distributing products of excellent quality, IKSA also shares its technical know-how and provides integrated solutions to the problems of the modern construction. For this purpose, our well trained, experienced technical staffs are always ready at the job sites, if necessary or requested. We are able to offer responsible technical support to any interested party, professionals or individuals.

IKSA always gives great importance to innovation. IKSA’s R&D Department with chemical and concrete laboratories are responsible for the development of concrete additives, special mortars, tile adhesives and grouts, and polymers.

In addition, by participating in known scientific programs, the R&D of IKSA shares views and exchanges technological know-how with different branches of universities and the construction sector engineers.

Before IKSA products reach the market, they are subjected to continuous, detailed quality controls made by Quality Control Department. The aim is to produce products that perform excellently, to provide best solution, applicable easily, cost-efficient and satisfy the customer.

The company always maintains a sufficient stock of products in order to cover just-in-time any demand.

IKSA is a founder member of KUB Beton ve Harç Kimyasal Katkı Maddeleri Üreticileri Derneği / Concrete and Mortar Admixtures Manufacturers Association. IKSA is a member of Turkish Tunnelling Society.